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Q & A

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Do you recycle healthy meal jars and glass bottles?2019-11-22T09:20:06+12:00

Yes we do.  More information…

I am vegetarian. Do you have any vegetarian options?2019-11-13T13:18:33+12:00

YES, we do. Please see the label for the vegetarian sign.

What is the shelf life of your products?2019-11-13T13:18:05+12:00

Shelf life varies depending on the meal. While most meals have shelf life 3-4 days, we encourage you to buy them as fresh as possible. Check the label.

Can I buy meals for a whole week?2019-11-13T13:17:42+12:00

You are welcome to do so, but we would like to encourage you to take an advantage of freshness and buy your meals maybe 2 or 3x times a week. We prefer eating fresh.

I am not interested in low carb lifestyle; do you offer some other options?2019-11-13T13:17:23+12:00

You don’t have to be at all. Alongside our range, we also offer side healthy carbs to choose from such as quinoa, brown rice, kumara or cauliflower mash. Each meal can be easily converted to a carb meal.

I am not a Crush Fit member. Can I pop in a buy your products?2019-11-13T13:16:31+12:00

YES. The Crush Fit welcomes you! Just pop in and choose what you fancy. It will be nice to meet you.

Where can I buy Low Carb Zone products?2019-11-13T13:16:03+12:00

We sell our range exclusively at Crush Fit in Papakura – 18 O’Shannessey Street www.crushfit.co.nz

OR buy online here.